November 20, 2007

Feedback: corrections and updates made

Many thanks for all the feedback that you've been providing over the last month. All feedback up to the beginning of this month has now been dealt with, and as a result numerous typographical errors have been corrected in the dictionary and in the French phrases section of the site.

October 12, 2007

Dictionary Update

The French-English and English-French dictionaries have been updated. The update includes improvements to various French-English entries, plus various corrections to English-French entries suggested in recent feedback (including entries for basic words such as house and good).

October 10, 2007

Bug: Feedback function

Apologies to a few unlucky users who, having entered some feedback on the site, were presented with the message "Sorry, an error has occurred". This is an intermittent problem and a fix is being worked on.

Feedback: Pronunciation/phonetic transcription

A number of users have requested that pronunciation information (e.g. in the form of IPA transcriptions) be provided alongside dictionary entries. Pronunciation information is already in the pipeline, and will initially be added for words whose pronunciation is "difficult": i.e. not predictable given some general knowledge of correspondence between sounds and spelling in French.

In the meantime, the phrasebook section already contains IPA transcriptions of a number of basic words and phrases.

Spanish Audio Recordings

Audio recordings have been added to the Spanish greetings page, as well as the page on directions in Spanish.