July 9, 2010

New survey-- using your iPad to learn French

I'm currently conducting a survey of people who have or are thinking of getting an iPad to see what kind of language-learning activities you would use it for. The plan is to use the results of the survey in considering the possibility of providing new iPad and iPhone applications for users of the French Lingusitics site.

The survey is extremely quick to fill out and is your chance to vote for the type of apps you'd like to see provided, potentially free of charge, on the French Linguistics site over the coming months!

Translation survey

In addition to the French learners' survey mentioned earlier this week in another blog posting, the French Linguistics is currently runnin a translation survey to find out more about the needs of those who contract translation services (or are looking to do so but have doubts about how such services work). The aim is to improve the French translation service offered by the French Lingusitics web site. As with other surveys, this one is completely anonymous.

New exercise on 'du', 'de la', 'des'

In the French grammar section of the web site, a new exercise has been added to the page on using du, de la and des: see the new exercises on saying some in French.

The exercises follow a similar pattern to others in the grammar section: you must complete a number of boxes in which you are asked to provide the French for a particular phrase or sentence. As with other exercises, full screen versions are available for playing on a whiteboard, and the exercise provides on-screen vocabulary.

Feedback on the exercises and suggestions for improvement are of course welcome.

July 5, 2010

French learners' survey

Users of the French Linguistics site are invited to take part in a quick French learners' survey. The survey asks you about which aspects of learning French you find easy and difficult and will only take you a minute or two. The results of the survey will be used to improve the web site.

July 4, 2010

Site updates this week

A number of small updates will be applied to the site over the coming week (5th-9th July), including updates to some of the dictionary data plus modifications to the software that works "behind the scenes" to bring you the dictionary plus other parts of the site.

This means that if you're one of those fortunate to be spending their time this week using the web site rather than basking on a sun-swept beach, the site may occasionally be down for a minute or two. However, such outages are expected to be brief.