August 20, 2009

Automatic translation tool undergoing maintenance

The automatic translation tool is currently undergoing maintance and will be off line for a few days. Meanwhile, you may use:
  • the site's French dictionary for looking up individual French words;
  • the French language forum, where you may ask questions about the French language or get help with your French homework; for small, informal sentences for non-commercial use, people will often be happy to help you translate your sentence free of charge;
  • the site's professional translation service for getting documents translated (please note that this is a paid service, whereby your document is translated by professional translators; it is not a free service, and is not available for very short texts).

August 2, 2009

English-French dictionary update

Today's update focusses primarily on improvements to various entries in the English-French side of the dictionary. The entries to various commonly lookuped up words have been expanded and clarified.