June 30, 2011

French Linguistics user survey

I'm conducting another survey on the site. This one's above user interests if you have a minute!

June 21, 2011

Translation price guide added

To help those interested in contracting translations via the French Linguistics translation service, a translation price guide has now been added. It should be noted that the prices given are to serve purely as a guide, and that (as mentioned in the document) each text is priced individually, depending on the particular nature of that text, the purpose of the translation etc.

I am also currently working on some other material to aid those looking to contract this and other translation services, including information on the process involved as well as a guide as to when and when not to use machine translation (with a look at some of the specific and most dangerous types of translation error that can occur when using machine translation).

June 20, 2011

English-French revision continues...

Readers may have seen from my various tweets that I am currently revising many of the English-French entries in the dictionary, particularly those that are currently in the form of an "index". Look out for improvements over the coming weeks. Suggestions for missing words that you would like to see included are always welcome.

June 15, 2011

Your favourite translation blunder...?

You may have seen the report of Acer's slight translation mishap which I have also reported on the French Linguistics site today for all to share in their amusement.

But perhaps you have some better examples to share with the world? Perhaps you took a photograph of an amusingly embarrassing sign mistranslation while on your holidays? Let me know at translation@french-linguistics.co.uk -- there may also be a small reward in it for those who present the best examples!

June 11, 2011

Dictionary entry feedback

I receive a steady stream of feedback about particular dictionary entries, examples on the grammar pages and indeed the site per se. I don't usually get chance to reply personally to such feedback, but users will have noticed that valid feedback does generally end up incorporated into the site/dictionary.

I also want to alert users to the fact that you can also tweet quick feedback to me directly at @BitterCoffey. Where appropriate, I will do my best to respond directly to such feedback on Twitter.

Thank you to forum members!

There's been an excellent mix of questions/answers on the French language forum this week -- thanks to all you have contributed!

June 8, 2011

Over 2,000 members on French forum

This actually passed me by, but a few days ago we apparently reached 2,000 members on the French forum. Now obviously, I realise that nowhere near all of these are active members (though it's always good to see our growing stock of regular posters). But nontheless, it is some kind of milestone of how many people have "stopped off" at the forum to have their questions answered about French language and culture. Many thanks to al!

June 6, 2011

English-French dictionary update

Today's update to the dictionary focuses primarily on the English-French side of the dictionary and improves on various French translations of common English words.