June 3, 2008

French Discussion Forums

You can now discuss things French on the new forums section of the web site. A number of forums are currently proposed, but I'm open to suggestions for new forums as appropriate:
  • The Dictionary Forum is intended for general discussion about the dictionary content that isn't focussed on one particular entry; for the latter type of suggestion, use the feedback option from individual entries as usual.
  • The French Grammar Forum is intended to be a question-and-answer, or general discussion, about points of French grammar.
  • The French Translation Forum is intended to cover issues relating to translation, although I appreciate there's some overlap with the previous two forums here. We'll see how things go...
  • The Language Teaching and Learning forum is intended to cover pedagogical issues (e.g. "what's the most effective way to learn vocabulary", recommendations of resources), not necessarily just in French teaching.
To post to the forum, you'll need to register with the site, but registration is quick (no awkward marketing questions-- just pick a user name and password!), free and can be anonymous (you provide a user name rather than real name, so you can easily pick a pseudonym). Note that the actual content of messages posted to the forums is public.

And now it's over to you...! Several thousand people use the French Linguistics site daily, and it will be fantastic if we can start to create more of a "community".

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