March 28, 2009

65% off Dragon Naturally Speaking

Just in case anyone doesn't see the big picture on the dictionary home page, Amazon have a 65%-off offer today on Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation software. This would appear to be an excellent deal that I wanted to bring to the attention of users of the site, since they may be interested in language-related software. Unfortunately, this offer does appear to be only on the English version of the software (i.e. it can perform speech recognition and text-to-speech on English, but not other languages; other language versions of the software are available, but not with the offer at present). Still, it's well worth knowing about.

Note that a few negative reviews point to problems in the installation process rather than the quality of the actual software, which generally appears to get a high rating. Contrary to some of the comments, a free Vista 64-bit upgrade is now available from the Nuance web site.

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