November 1, 2009

Bug fix to verb conjugations

A problem has now been fixed that was causing certain verb conjugations not to appear. French verb conjugations may now be displayed by any of the following means:
  • from the French grammar page, by clicking on one of the verbs in the list in the Verb Conjugations section (the green boxed section);
  • from entries in the French dictionary: as you are probably aware, in entries for verbs, forms for four common tenses are displayed within the entry itself (present, imperfect, future and perfect), but clicking on the link marked Click here to see the full conjugation will now display the full conjugation for all verbs (thus fixing a problem whereby certain verbs with accented letters did not display properly);
  • advanced users may also link directly to the conjugation of a particular verb (see below).
To link directly to a verb conjugation from your web site, simply construct a URL of the following form:
placing immediately before the .html the infinitive of the verb you wish to be conjugated (in these examples, "regarder" and "se taire" are chosen). In the second case, adding "R" before the final .html indicates that the conjugation of a "reflexive" (pronominal) verb is to be displayed.

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