August 24, 2010

Speech enabled on the verb conjugation pages

The French verb tables given on the site now allow you to listen to the pronunciation of the verb forms.

To listen to the forms of a verb, look the verb up in the French dictionary, then look for the list of verb forms that appears-- usually towards the bottom-- in the dictionary entry. Look for the link saying Click here to see the full conjugation. Clicking on that link will take you to the full verb table for that verb, from where you can click to listen to the pronunciation any of the verb tenses.


- Conjugation of avoir
- Conjugation of ĂȘtre
- Conjugation of aimer
- Conjugation of faire
- Conjugation of prendre
- Conjugation of finir

The French grammar page also gives a list of various common French verbs (regular and irregular), allowing you to get to the pronunciation of various common French verbs more quickly.

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