January 3, 2011

Updates and fixes

As mentioned in a previous post, the French Linguistics site was moved to a new server over the weekend.

Following this move:

- The French dictionary is being updated to include the latest additions and corrections. This means that some dictionary entries may be temporarily unavailable today while the data is being uploaded.
- A few minor corrections have been made for problems caused by compatibility issues with the new server. In particular, automatic translation quotes should now function correctly provided that the document submitted to the system is in a format recognised (currently DOC and DOCX files are recognised; for a translation quote for a PDF file, you may still have to submit it by e-mail: see the main translation service page for more details).
- Other "housekeeping" tasks are currently underway on the new server, such as running checks on the database. These may have a slight impact on the performance of the site over the next day or so. Thank you for your patience!

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