November 11, 2011

1,500 new words earmarked for adding to French dictionary

Followers of my Twitter feed will be aware that I am currently undertaking some more work based around the frequency of occurrence of French words in newspaper articles and other contemporary sources.

As a spin-off of this work, approximately 1,500 words used in newspaper articles which are currently missing from the dictionary have been identified. As expected, various of these relate to recent politically oriented words, as well as new discoveries or names of what were once rarer fields of science etc which have now become relatively mainstream.

Watch this space (or follow BitterCoffey on Twitter) for updates as these new words are added to the dictionary.


Rob said...

Just using your GCSE essential vocab to help someone revise. Your list of essential words shows arm as 'la bras' You may wish to amend the gender!

Rob said...

Your list of essential GCSE vocab lists arm as 'la bras'. You may wish to edit to amend the gender.

Neil Coffey said...

Thanks for spotting this! Duly amended!