February 23, 2012

Update to French Vocab Games LITE

An update to the free French Vocab Games "Lite" app was released earlier this week. The app now features 3 of the 9 activities from the full version and 5 of the 20 vocab topics. The Lite version is available free of charge, allowing you to evaluate the app before deciding whether to download the full version.

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An update to the full version of the app is planned shortly and will include further activities.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wonderful web site about the French language. I am learning it currently and am finding the verb forms challenging. I think one of the big challenges is that when the verb forms are listed,the comparable English translation of the very forms are not, so the student must either have all of these memorized, or be constantly referring back to figure it out. It would help a lot of have it posted generically, by the very form, like imperfect: used to ____ .
The present is easy, because we all know what that means, and the passe compose is not bad, as with the future. But most of the rest are hard to memorize.