July 29, 2012

22K high score on French Vocab Games after less than one week

After less than a week since the new version of French Vocab Games was released for iPhone, I'd just like to congratulate everybody for some terrific scores at this early stage.

As you may be aware if you read the previous announcements, a key feature of the new version-- in addition to the new animated pronunciation feature-- is the app's integration with the Game Center.

From the app's front screen, you can access a list of personal achievements within the app. For those students who tend to learn better when learning is "incentivised", then this will be a key learning feature, allowing learning goals to be set. However, the app's Game Center integration also includes a score leaderboard. A player's score on this leaderboard is a combination of their vocab coverage plus their combined score on the various topics they have played.

It is a pleasure to see various high scores just a few days after the new version of the French Vocab Games app was released to the App Store and especially at a time when many are surely still focused on their vacation rather than revising their French. So... keep those high scores coming!

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