November 17, 2008

Site downtime tomorrow morning

Due to planned network maintenance, there are likely to be some brief interruptions to the French Linguistics site tomorrow morning. Interruptions will occur between 2am and 5am GMT -5, or between around 7am and 10am for users in the UK.

If before the interruptions, you have already loaded up one of the pages with interactive games or grammar exercises, these will generally continue to work provided that you don't close the page.

Apologies for any invoncenienve-- the maintenance is being carried out to the Internet infrastructure and is beyond this site's control!


Jeri Hurd said...

Hi--Sorry to use your blog for this, but I can't find an email link anywhere on the French or Spanish sites.

Our school has been using your dictionaries and LOVE them because they only accept a word at a time (no sentence translations!).

However, we've started receiving the following message: Maximum number of requests per client exceeded.

Is there a limit to usage? That seems odd. If unintended, is there a workaround?

Many thanks!
Jeri Hurd

Neil Coffey said...

There is a (fairly high) limit on the number and frequency of queries you can post to the dictionary. But it's really just intended to stop abuse such as people writing "robot" programs that continually send queries to the site. It isn't intended that ordinary users will hit the limit.

If you're frequently coming up against the problem, then please contact me at with the name of your school -- it should be possible for me to put a workaround in to stop you having this problem.