November 2, 2008

Text accentuation tool

Users of the French Linguistics site may be interested in a text accentuation tool published on our sister Español-Inglés site. The tool, which you can also add to your own web page, blog or social networking profile, allows you to add accents to a short piece of text with simple sequences (e.g. "e/" for an e acute) that can easily be typed from any keyboard. Thus, the tool is useful in cases where your keyboard or configuration does not normally support accented characters easily.

For alternative methods, see the French Linguistics guide on how to type accents.

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Mr wordPROF said...

Typing accents.

I can't remember where I learnt this but if you press Alt Gr and another character e.g. ‘e’ you get an acute accent, é. I think this works in all windows applications with all UK keyboards. It even works with a DOS command line prompt.

In Word – but not WordPad – more characters are available e.g. pressing Alt Gr, shift and ? gives ¿ -- so for Spanish this is almost all you need. Some are useful in English e.g. Alt Gr + c gives © etc.

If you go to Word Help and search for ‘International Characters’, a lot of topics are listed. The most interesting is the one on Keyboard shortcuts. I don’t use them often enough to remember them but they might be useful to a linguist because they are a bit quicker than insert symbol.