August 22, 2012

Free LetterMeister word puzzle game now released with German option

An update to the free LetterMeister word puzzle game was released today. The update now adds German to the list of available languages (which also includes Spanish, French and English).

LetterMeister is a casual word puzzle game originally released for iPhone and now available as a free download for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It will appeal to those who like puzzle games or word games (including games such as Scrabble, Tiny Words, Upwords, Mastermind or crossword-type games). Additionally, the game is designed to serve as a fun means of vocabulary reinforcement for language learners, given its multilingual play option (current language list: Spanish, French and English in the iPhone; German in addition to these four in the desktop version).

More languages are due to be added to future releases. If you play LetterMeister in one of the various non-English languages (either as a language learner or as a native speaker), then you are invited to leave any comments on the LetterMeister Facebook page below, or to this blog post.

Note about the current version of German vocabulary: The current version includes approx 8,000 German words. This vocabulary is likely to be increased in future versions. When playing in German, bear in mind that the German "double s" is always spelled "SS", e.g. "STRASSE". Umlauted letters are distinguished from non-umlauted letters.

If you are a teacher using LetterMeister as a French, Spanish or German teaching resource, we would also be interested to hear from you.

LetterMeister Facebook page
LetterMeister for iPhone
LetterMeister on YouTube

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