August 4, 2012

Update to LetterMeister word game now allows you to play in French (and Spanish)

Version 2.0 of LetterMeister has now been released for iPhone/iPad. This new version contains a couple of significant new features.

Firstly, perhaps the most significant feature for French Linguistics readers is that you can now play the game in French. So whether you're a French learner or a French native speaker, if you're looking for a word puzzle game to keep you occupied during those long summer hours of sunbathing and repeats of vintage comedy, look no further :)

In addition to French, the game also contains a Spanish option. So if you're a Spanish learner or Spanish native speaker looking for a word puzzle game... well, you get the idea.

The other major feature is that the game now integrates with the iOS Game Center. This means that you can now monitor your progress towards various goals in the game. If you so wish, you can also compare your scores with other fellow players.

Download the LetterMeister word game for iPhone/iPad.
See a video of LetterMeister.

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