December 11, 2012

Half price on LetterMeister for iPhone

If you're looking for a fun way to reinforce your French, Spanish or English vocabulary recognition this Christmas, then take advantage to download LetterMeister word puzzle game for half price this week (or from your iPhone's App Store, search for "LetterMeister").

LetterMeister is a word puzzle game for iPhone that will appeal to those who enjoy word or puzzle games such as Mastermind, Scrabble or "spatial" puzzle games such as Tetris. It will also appeal to crossword enthusiasts although, despite its appearance, shouldn't necessarily be confused with an actual crossword game. In LetterMeister, you must use coloured clues to re-arrange a selection of words laid out in a manner similar to an interlocking crossword grid. But in LetterMeister, your "clues" come in the form of colours which indicate whether the letters are well placed or whether they should belong in another word/position.

The game currently consists of 50 levels which get progressively more difficult in terms of the number and length of words and the number of "special" actions that you must complete (e.g. getting the correct letter on bonus squares). However, within these criteria, each "board" is created at random, so that you can play a virtually infinite number of levels. The overall game can also be tailored to your desired pace and vocabulary level. This means that you can play a more "relaxing" or faster paced game. It also means that you don't need to be a vocabulary expert to play the game. But equally, as your vocabulary increases, you can up the level in order to keep on challenging yourself.

The game also links into the Game Center, offering you a number of challenges to complete, such as completing words of a certain length or containing certain letters. If you so wish, you can compare your score and progress with other players.

Download LetterMeister from the App Store directly on your device, or buy it from iTunes. LetterMeister is designed for iPhone but is compatible with the iPad (it is recommended that you play it in "2x" mode if playing on an iPad).

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