December 31, 2012

Price drop on LetterMeister word puzzle game for iPhone

The LetterMeister multilingual word puzzle game for iPhone is available at a reduced price today and tomorrow. LetterMeister combines elements of Scrabble and other word/puzzle games with elements of MasterMind and general puzzle games. It is designed to be both a fun word puzzle for native speakers and also a vocabulary reinforcement game for foreign language learners, being available in English, French and Spanish with more languages such as German on the way in the next release. (As with other iPhone software, all future releases are free once you have purchased the game for the first time.)

If you are a fun of puzzle games or word games in general, don't miss out on this chance to get LetterMeister for less than half price!

Please note that French Vocab Games for iPhone will also be available at a reduced price for a limited period.

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