May 29, 2012

Free beta version of LetterMeister word puzzle game now available for Windows, Linux and MacOS

You may have noticed the LetterMeister word puzzle game for iPhone mentioned on the French Linguistics site. Whether or not you've tried the iPhone version yet, you may be interested to know that an initial version of the game is now available free of charge for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

This desktop version basically behaves similarly to the iPhone version of the game, but with a few minor differences in this initial version.

The on-screen help in the iOS version is replaced with a link to the LetterMeister help page in the desktop version. At present, the desktop version does not include music (though it does include sound effects).

If you do download the game, then you are advised to keep up to date with the regular updates that are planned to the game in one of the following ways:

  • by liking the LetterMeister Facebook page
  • by subscribing to LetterMeister on Freecode
  • by following @BitterCoffey on Twitter, where announcements about LetterMeister, the French Linguistics site and other computing/language related news -- along with the occasional well motivated rant or too from the author :) -- are regularly posted.

Happy meistering!

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