May 7, 2012

Note on claiming App Store codes for "French Vocab Games"

I just wanted to add a quick clarification here in response to a forum post yesterday re the offer of an App Store code to download French Vocab Games in exchange for a review of my recently released iPhone word game LetterMeister.

Various codes have already been sent to people who have left reviews of LetterMeister and a few codes are still left and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you still want to apply for a free copy of the French Vocab Games app (currently iPhone/iPad only!), you still have chance.

To clarify the situation:
  • I have a few free codes left, which will be given out on a first-come first-served basis
  • To claim a code for French Vocab Games, you need to download and leave an honest review of LetterMeister in the App Store
  • Reviews which are obviously spam will not qualify
  • Once you have left your review, you need to fill out the form to claim your download code for French Vocab Games (see the forum post mentioned above)
  • Please make sure that the e-mail address that you leave in the claim form is the same as the iTunes ID that you used to leave your review. If not, I won't be able to match up your review with your claim for a free code and so won't be able to issue the code.
  • Please make sure that you enter the correct country (the country in whose App Store you left your review) when claiming your code. Again, if you enter the wrong country, then may not be able to match up your review with your claim.
  • The review actually needs to be visible on the App Store before the code will be issued. Make sure that at least you can see your review before claiming your code. If you can't see your review, neither can I!
  • Codes will be sent out via e-mail. Please make sure that you are able to receive e-mails at the address you entered (i.e. at your iTunes ID e-mail).

Thank you for your patience! Let me assure readers that this is a genuine offer of a free download of the full version of French Vocab Games. However, I have unfortunately received some 'spam' claims (people filling in the form without actually leaving a review) and so am having to apply these slightly strict criteria. If you believe that you have left a genuine review and genuinely filled in the form correctly but not heard anything, or if you have any queries about this process, then please send me a Private Message via the French Language forum (you can do so via the forum post linked to above).

Happy playing!

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