May 15, 2012

This week on the French Language forum

Various interesting questions this week-- thanks to all who have contributed!

For more advanced learners, this question about the conditional perfect combines a number of subtle grammar points that come together in certain instances of reported speech.

Then, I thought this question about the use of il y a was important in highlighting that when teaching about a particular phrase, we should be careful to explain the range of uses that that phrase may have: it's easy to get sidetracked into focussing on a single usage.

I see that the original post-- now from nearly a year ago-- on French faux amis now has 70 responses. Let the fun continue :)

It's also nice to see questions being explored in depth with various contributors, such as is the case with this queston on "voudrais" vs "vouloir".

And finally, a question on saying "in this book" in French. Remember, no question is too trivial or too complex for the French Language forum :)

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