June 26, 2012

French Quiz Questions

Well, it's just about summer again: that time of year when everybody starts thinking about their holiday in Corfu rather than their poor French grammar and vocab, which get relegated to the back of the sock drawer for the next couple of months.

Well, just so that you don't switch off all of your brain this summer and forget about French altogether, I'll be running a series of French Quiz questions on the French dictionary home page over the next few weeks.

French Quiz question number 1 is for slightly more advanced students and concerns the use of so-called "preceding object pronouns" (technically termed "clitics") in French.

If you are a native French speaker, then it is also not "cheating" to have a go at the quiz questions. Indeed, I shall be interested to see what responses we get from native French speakers and how they commpare to those of our non-native students.

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