June 8, 2012

Update to the French Dictionary includes updates to verb tables

The site's French Dictionary has been updated today. The update includes new items of vocabulary along with some small corrections to the dictionary's verb tables. The correction concerns some rarer subjunctive forms which were not displaying correctly in the previous version.

As you may be aware, you can display the conjugation of French verbs in the dictionary by searching first for the infinitive of that verb. A summarised verb table is then displayed within the dictionary entry for the verb, showing the forms of certain frequently used tenses (present, imperfect, future, perfect, present subjunctive). More advanced users will in fact be able to determine the forms of most other tenses from these since, for example, the French conditional and future tense forms share a common root, and other compound tenses (pluperfect etc) are formed in a similar manner to the perfect, with only the past participle and choice of avoir/ĂȘtre varying from verb to verb.

However, if you require full conjugation tables of any French verb, then you can click on the link to "see the full conjugation" that appears beneath the summarised verb table in the dictionary entry. The French grammar section of the site also includes links to full conjugations of common French irregular verbs, plus the a "French verb conjugator" tool allows you to display the verb table for any given verb.

If you have any further questions about French verbs, then you may ask your question on the French forum.

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