June 15, 2012

Update to French Vocab Games iPhone app to feature pronunciation

Look out over the next few days for a pending update to this site's French Vocab Games app for iPhone. Among other things, the new version will feature two notable additions:
  • an optional extension provides audio pronunciation of all items of vocabulary in the game;
  • the app is now integrated with the iOS Game Center, allowing you to compare you progress with friends and classmates, or simply keep track of your own achievements.
A common issue among learners is of course knowing how to pronounce French words, especially how to pronounce the most basic words of French while you are still starting out with the language and getting to know what letters generally correspond with what sounds. And so not surprisingly, having pronunciation in the app has been among the most common requests. In the upcoming Version 2.0 of French Vocab Games, the pronunciation option gives you access to studio recordings of a native French speaker pronouncing all 1,200+ items of vocabulary included in the games. Simply tap the 'pronounce' icon any time you see it (e.g. on flash cards, on completed crossword/wordsearch clues, next to any word gloss as it pops up...) to hear an authentic pronunciation of the French word or phrase in question!

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